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NYTimes article about longevity

NYTimes: The island where people forget to die

This article had many interesting observations I totally agree with and some insights into topics that I need to think about more.  A must read!

Talv Sydneys

“Palun ära täna tööle tule – ükski klient ei tule nii märja ja tuulise ilmaga välja sööma,” sai Tiiu kõne peenest veeäärsest restoranist, millega samas hoones elab ka Russell Crowe. Eriti pikaks veninud vananaiste suvi on läbi. Vihma kallab aeg-ajalt lausa horisontaal­selt ja päeva maksimumtemperatuur küündib 15 kraadini. Continued…

Nightlife in Sydney: Kings Cross part 1

“Hey Honey, would you like some action?” followed by a wink is my first memory of Kings Cross – The Golden Mile as it’s also known. Well it’s not quite a mile and it’s golden probably only for crooks.

Kings Cross is a fascinating place to visit, don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely messed up, but it has the most varied mix of people I have every seen in one place. So colorful that anywhere else but KingsX my autopilot* – once kicked in – would take my straight home, in there it takes me out of the club and startled by the kish-kash going on feels that it’s time wake up the devil again and have some more fun. Continued…

Nightlife in Sydney

Walking thru a park bang-smack in the middle of Sydney last night at 7pm I saw two girls dressed to the max. Heels so high it hurts to look at them and dresses so short that barely anything is left for imagination. They turned off the paved walkway on to the grass and then in to the bushes. Well not really into them, between the bushes still very visible to everyone one of the girls lifts up her black dress and a fraction of a second later slides down her knickers as well truly bareing even the little that had been left for imagination a minute before. She starts yelling “Sorry-Sorry-Sorry, don’t look, don’t look”. I turn my head and continue walking shaking my head lightly. I’ve seen this happen before here, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it happen so early, even before the party has started. But I guess, if you got to go, you got to go. Continued…

Sydney to Byron Bay

python in coffs harbour
In Coffs Harbour, between the ocean and the street where we parked our car, there was this grass python sleeping.